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Electrical Category Date License Size
Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits
19/9/2007 Demo 40.7 M

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Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training
3/9/2007 Demo 5.80 M

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PLC Training - RSlogix Simulator PLC Training - RSlogix Simulator
19/9/2007 Demo 28.39 M

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Troubleshooting Motor Circuits Troubleshooting Motor Circuits
12/11/2009 Demo 44.5 M

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Troubleshooting Control Circuits Troubleshooting Control Circuits
12/11/2009 Demo 42.10 M

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PowerStar Electrical Power Design Software PowerStar Electrical Power Design Software
8/9/2009 Shareware 7.51 M

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PowerNet Circuit Analyzer PowerNet Circuit Analyzer
29/10/2011 Shareware 12.46 M

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Allen Bradley PLC Data Type Allen Bradley PLC Data Type
22/9/2012 Freeware 1.156 M

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AB PLC Data File Training AB PLC Data File Training
22/9/2012 Freeware 1.29 M

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AB PLC Data Type Quiz AB PLC Data Type Quiz
22/9/2012 Freeware .362 M

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Adv AB PLC Data Memory Table Test Adv AB PLC Data Memory Table Test
22/9/2012 Freeware .386 M

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  PLC Training - RSlogix Simulator  PLC training - PLCTrainer CBT, tutorial, logic simulator.   12718 downloads
  Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits  Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits System with Circuits Full version works with win7&8, this demo only works with XP   11674 downloads
  Troubleshooting Motor Circuits  test   9423 downloads
  Troubleshooting Control Circuits  Troubleshooting - Basic Electrical Control Circuits System with Circuits   5844 downloads
  Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training  Demo of Hazardous area instrumentation safety training course CD   4536 downloads
  Steam Turbines Governing System     4482 downloads
  Industrial Hydraulics Training     4049 downloads
  ROTATING EQUIPMENT ALIGNMENT Training     3959 downloads
  Aircompressor Training     3311 downloads
  Industrial Valves Training     3247 downloads
  Steam Calculator  Steam table calculator built as an MS Excel add-in   3204 downloads
  Maintenance Assistant Free CMMS  Full-featured Industrial Strength Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS).   2915 downloads
  Mechanical Seal and Seal Selection     2866 downloads
  Engineering Power Tools  Engineering software solves common engineering problems quickly & efficiently.   2808 downloads
  Heat Exchangers Training     2685 downloads
  PowerStar Electrical Power Design Software  PowerStar for electrical design and analysis of power distribution systems.   2615 downloads
  Condition Based Maintenance      2297 downloads
  Bearing Life Simulation Game - Demo     2139 downloads
  Positive Displacement Pump Training     2122 downloads
  ActiveQuality Iso 9000 Software  Quality Management System Software, Environmental, Health and Safety, HACCP   1998 downloads
  Machinist Calculator  Machinist Calculator quickly solves common machine shop math problems   1657 downloads
  Oil Gas Exploration Production     1648 downloads
  Scientific Calculator - ScienCalc  ScienCalc is a convenient and powerful scientific calculator.   1635 downloads
  PMaint  Build a database for scheduling and tracking preventive maintenance work.   1471 downloads
  EngCalc(Hydraulic) - PocketPC Calculator  EngCalc(Hydraulic) - Hydraulic Engineers Engineering Formula Calculator Software   1446 downloads
  progeCAD Professional 2010 DWG CAD  IntelliCAD 6.5 DWG DXF design CAD Software - Google Earth, PDF, & 3D support.   1367 downloads
  Risk Terminator     1237 downloads
  Distillation Fractionation Training     1185 downloads
  JustCad  Simple to use cad program. with powerful features.   1168 downloads
  Allen Bradley PLC Data Type     1081 downloads
  ChemMaths  Software suitable for Engineering,Chemistry/Science, Professional/education.   1055 downloads
  Free DWG Viewer  Free DWG Viewer will open native DWG, DXF, and DWF files for viewing   1037 downloads
  Engineering Power Tools  Engineering software solves common engineering problems quickly & efficiently.   978 downloads
  Standard Phonebook  Standard Phonebook is a smart way to quick access your contact information.   977 downloads
  Production Mix Model Excel  Maximize overall profit by optimizing resource use, for products or services.   972 downloads
  EZ-Forms-MSDS  Fill out, print, save Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) fast, easy, error free!   949 downloads
  PowerNet Circuit Analyzer  PowerNet for electrical design and analysis of power distribution systems.   920 downloads
  Mini RFID Training course     906 downloads
  MITCalc - Technical Formulas  Technical formulas (Solids, motion, friction...) / Units convertor   894 downloads
  OpenAPC - Open Advanced Process Control     877 downloads
  Electronics and Mechanics  Electronics, Mechanics, Maths and Computing educational software package.   876 downloads
  Employees Payroll Software  Employee planner software plans the staff for event and task related schedules   828 downloads
  AB PLC Data File Training     774 downloads
  ProKon  Engineering calculator with multiple conversion and calculation modules   770 downloads
  FreeSCADA 2     678 downloads
  CNC Syntax Editor  CNC programs editor with specific tools, features and syntax highlighting   651 downloads
  LITIO2 3D Sheet metal unfolding software  Sheet metal unfolder for AutoCAD (no need of DXF convertions)   613 downloads
  Barcode and Labeling Software  Barcode generation software generates barcode labels in different image formats   586 downloads
  ChemDB  Chemical information and SafetyData   569 downloads
  Winzip - file compression software     545 downloads
  RFID training Demo     499 downloads
  GrSoft Smart Tools X for AutoCAD  Very effective user interface, making the powerfull AutoCAD commands rapid.   498 downloads
  Chemspread PRO  balances virtually any chemical equation and follows up with stoichiometry calcs   497 downloads
  2BizBox ERP for Manufacturing  Complete, Easy-to-Use, Free ERP software for Manufacturing Industry   461 downloads
  CAD Import VCL  DXF DWG PLT HPGL SVG CGM Import for Borland Delphi and C++Builder developers   450 downloads
  Eye Strain  Best Eye Strain Software to care your eyes totally FREE.   398 downloads
  Logic Minimizer  Quickly minimize boolean & propositional expressions up to 24 variables   383 downloads
  Adv AB PLC Data Memory Table Test     350 downloads
  AB PLC Data Type Quiz     343 downloads
  Barcode Label Creator  Barcode label creator utility prints high resolution and colorful business logos   327 downloads
  MIE Maintenance CMMS Software  MIE Maintenance CMMS and Preventive Maintenance Software   322 downloads
  1D Stock Cutter  Universal tool for linear material stock cutting optimization   319 downloads
  FindGraph for Engineers  Graphing, trend analysis and curve matching software.   311 downloads
  Learning Periodic Table  Interactive periodic table of chemical elements   297 downloads
  Resistor Values  Resistor Values will calculate the value of a 4 band resistor.   276 downloads
  DataMaster Test and Measurement Systems  Plot, edit and analyze numeric data, automate measurements and post-process   229 downloads
  Deltalearn Advanced SCORM editor     211 downloads
  BullrushSoft Swf to exe Converter  swf to exe, flash to executable file   211 downloads
  Numecon  Software is designed for driving lathes, mills, routers, lasers.   209 downloads
  PLC vs PAC Training 1     203 downloads
  BullrushSoft SWF to ScreenSaver  swf to scr, flash to screensaver   187 downloads
  Araxis Ketura  Team project management, issue (defect) tracking and more   169 downloads
  GIPALS Linear Programming Environment  Linear programming environment for constrained optimization.   168 downloads
  iWinSoft Barcode Maker for Mac  The professional barcode label generator for Mac OSX   164 downloads
  iBarcoder  create, print and export barcodes as vector graphics or high resolution images   158 downloads
  Mouse Auto Click  'Mouse Auto Click' generates mouse clicks automatically in your browser.   152 downloads
  SLSelector Software Lifecycle Management  Software lifecycle management   120 downloads
  PLC vs PAC Training 2     81 downloads
  EZ Schematics Pro 2DCAD     76 downloads
  Advanced SCORM Editor  E-learning content generation tool based on the SCORM standard.   72 downloads
  Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design  Thermal analysis and calculations for gasketed plate heat exchangers, Easy 2 use   41 downloads
  MEX Maintenance Software  MEX Maintenance Software, Asset Management and Preventative Maintenance System   39 downloads
  RationalPlan Multi Project  RationalPlan Multi Project: your software solution to manage multiple projects   31 downloads
  RationalPlan Project Viewer  Free project planning viewer   27 downloads
  SBS Quality Database  Efficient software to manage corrective and preventive actions, internal audits   22 downloads
  iMagic Fleet Maintenance  Fleet maintenance software for managing your vehicle fleet.   21 downloads
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