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Bearing Simulation Game
File Name :  Life-Bearing-Demo.exe
Version :  5.1
File Size (MB) :  160 M
Company Name:  Feed Forward Publications
Author Name :  Mike Sondalini
Primary Download URL:
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   Title :

Bearing Simulation Game

   Description :

Computer simulation CD demo. The CD develops, improves and reinforces good preventive
maintenance bearing lubrication practices and habits ... corrects bad ones in a day.

   Details :

Teaches operators and maintainers by putting them into a replica of bearing care "life and
death" lubrication situations that they have to get correct. Makes them think so
deeply ... and know the interactions and complexities of bearing lubrication so clearly
... that the learning stays with them. Computer simulation game puts operators and
maintainers in charge of changing machinery lubrication programs without taking a risk on
real machinery. Preventive maintenance best practice lubrication learned in a day! A
totally new way of teaching that fits-in with time constraints and limited man power.
"Pick & poke" simplicity - no need for high computer skills. No "glazed-eye" classroom
stares. Complements self-paced learning methods. Maximizes the benefits for stretched
training budgets. Low cost training. Lets you train all your people for a
tremendously low price. Use it in formal training sessions or give free access to the
CD to self-teach. Your people enjoy the challenge, have fun and take the new
knowledge of best practice bearing lubrication deeper into their minds ... so they never
forget. Trainees learn what is necessary to properly lubricate machinery and
equipment to achieve top-quality results. They discover how to operate and keep their
plant and equipment in the best condition to get world-class rotating equipment
reliability results.

Keywords :

pm training,doitsimulations,bearing maintenance training, plant operators,bearing
lubrication,equipment maintenance operation learning,
education,teaching,schooling,computer games simulations,feedforward

   Program OS Support :

Win 10, 8 , 7 and XP

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