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TYPE : Software Category : Safety

File Name: msds.exe
Version :
File Size (MB) : 9.22M
Company Name: the EZ-Forms Company (EZX Corporation)
Author Name : EdMarion
Primary Download URL:
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Title :


Description :

Visual Eforms Filler (Print, Save too) for Material Safety Data Sheets. Manage your MSDS
electronically in a WYSIWYG environment which is fast and easy. Pre-printed forms NOT
required. PDF output available. Custom logos available.

Details :

Visual Eforms (Electronic Forms) Filler (Print, Save too) for Material Safety Data
Sheets Supports OSHA and 16 part ANSI/Euro requirements. Fill-in, Save, Modify, Print,
Email, FAX, MSDSs fast, easy, and error free! The template is done for you, no further
form design required. Pre-printed forms NOT required. NO quantity limit. PDF output is
availabe. Share MSDS with anyone. Creating completed Material Safety Data Sheets is
easier than using a typewriter, much faster, and a breeze to correct
errors. EZ-Forms-MSDS is now DataBase enabled. This allows you to save all of your
filled out MSDS forms in a searchable database for instant recall. You will be able to
clone, add, delete, etc. all of your MSDSs quickly. Color-Coded
Health/Fire/Reactivity/Special Ratings Section is Right-Up-Front on Page 1 for Instant
Awareness even to language or reading impaired users. Specific Sections Include: 1.
Identification 2. Physical Data 3. Ingredients 4. Fire and Explosion Data Hazard 5. Health
Hazard Data 6. First Aid Measures 7. Reactivity Data 8. Spill or Leak Procedures 9.
Special Protection Information 10. Handling and Storage 11. Regulatory Information 12.
Toxicological Information 13. Ecological Information 14. Disposal Conditions 15.
Transportation Information Plus 15 Addendum Sections Cross Referenced to the source
page. Your embedded logo (including scanning) is available with single user, site/LAN
licenses and above. Optional forms and customization are available. Site, network,
enterprise and developer editions available. If your needs are special, we can customize
standard MSDS forms to suit. We can even recreate your existing master forms
electronically, if you wish. Don't know what to put on your MSDS? We have access to a
licensed Professional Chemical Engineer who can help you out. EZ-Forms-DD250,
EZ-Forms-EXPORT available. Visit: for more info. And of
course, our home page is https://www.

Keywords :

MSDS,Material Safety Data

Program OS Support :

Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP

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