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PLC vs PAC Training 2
File Name :  PLCvsPAC-2.swf
Version :  2.0
File Size (MB) :  .308 M
Company Name:  Business Industrial Network
Author Name :  Don Fitchett
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   Title :

PLC vs PAC Training 2

   Description :

PLC vs PAC Training crossword puzzle #2. Free Fun interactive way to learn the difference
between a PLC and a PAC.

   Details :

2nd of a series of free fun interactive PLC verses PAC training crossword puzzles. PLC A
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a single microprocessor based device used to
automate equipment operation in process and manufacturing machinery, infrastructure and
transportation control. Designed to replace relays and timers, it uses electrician and
maintenance friendly ladder logic to program sequence of events and reaction via
real-world input and output devices. PAC A Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) is a
2 or more processor based device like a personal computer (PC) is and is basically a PC
merged with a PLC using multitasking capabilities to automate control of one or more
pieces of equipment. The term PAC was first defined by ARC Advisory Group in 2001.
Although the PAC includes PLC capabilities, its hardware architecture and software are
designed to be more user friendly to the IT/Computer Programmer. Differences include
multitasking; multiple processor modules per rack, multiple programming languages like
structured text, distributed control system (DCS), Tag based addressing, motion control,
standard PC networking like Ethernet, to name a few. A PAC also is compatible with OLE for
Process Control (OPC), which stands for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) for Process
Control, a PLC is not. Also many PACs are web browser compatible which easily adapts to
internet alarm monitoring, PLCs are not.

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