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Basic Hydraulic Systems and Components
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Company Name:  US Army Aviation Logistics School
Author Name :  US Army
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   Title :

Basic Hydraulic Systems and Components

   Description :

This subcourse is designed to provide instruction on the concept and operation of the
basic components of the hydraulic system.

   Details :

This subcourse is designed to provide instruction on the concept and operation of the
basic components of the hydraulic system. It also describes the various components of a
typical hydraulic system, their construction and functions, and their relationship to each
other. When the term hydraulics is applied to aircraft, it means a method of transmitting
power from one location to another through the use of a confined fluid. The functions
performed by hydraulic systems in aircraft include assisting in flight control, extending
and retracting landing gear, positioning flaps, operating hoists, raising and lowering
cargo doors, and starting engines. The hydraulic systems used in Army aircraft are
dependable and relatively trouble-free. The maintenance requirements are small in
comparison to the work the system performs. This subcourse is to be completed on a
self-study basis. You will grade your lessons as you complete them using the lesson answer
keys which are enclosed. If you have answered any question incorrectly, study the question
reference shown on the answer key and evaluate all possible solutions. There are no
prerequisites for this subcourse. This subcourse reflects the doctrine which was current
at the time it was prepared. In your own work situation, always refer to the latest
official publications. ACTION: You will demonstrate a knowledge of the basic components
of the hydraulic system, including the devices which actuate, discharge, and control the
flow of hydraulic fluid and those devices which sense, control, and limit hydraulic
pressure. CONDITIONS: You will use the material in this subcourse. STANDARD: You must
correctly answer 70 percent of the questions on the subcourse examination to pass this
subcourse. The material contained in this lesson was derived from the following
publications: AR 310-25, AR 310-50, FM 1-500, FM 1-509, TM 1-1500-204-23 Series, TM
55-1510-Series (Fixed Wing Maintenance Manuals), TM 55-1520-Series (Rotary wing
Maintenance Manuals) and TM 4301A 05 0267 (Air Force)

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