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Binary Number Converter Download BCD
File Name :  BCD.xls
Version :  1.0
File Size (MB) :  .026 M
Company Name:
Author Name :  Nitin Mehta
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   Title :

Binary Number Converter Download BCD

   Description :

Binary Number Converter Download spreadsheet converts to BCD

   Details :

This tool simulates a Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) to 7 segment display driver circuit.
(wich is also a hexadecimal number converter for 1-15) Click on the checkboxes in
spreadsheet next to turn the inputs to the circuit ON or OFF. Bit 1 is the most
significant bit while Bit 4 is the least significant. The circuit accepts inputs from 0000
(all bits OFF) to 1111 (all bits ON). Hex characters (A - F) are discplayed for inputs
greater than 9 (1001). The interesting feature of this tool is that there are no macros
or even formulae entered directly in the cells, all functionality is achieved using a
Named Formula and Conditional Formatting . The Named Formula works out the input to the
ciruit while the "LEDs" of the 7 segment display are run using conditional
formatting. The check boxes are linked to the cells A1, B1, C1 and D1, and the input
formula "Input" works out the entry in Binary. The formula is:
Input=VALUE((Sheet1!$A$1+0)&(Sheet1!$B$1+0)&(Sheet1!$C$1+0)&(Sheet1!$D$1+0)) Adding a
0 converts the boolean values in cells A1 through D1 into a number. The logic driving the
LEDs can be constructed from AND and OR statements, and are easily handled using
conditional formatting. The formatting is used to turn the LEDs off at the appropriate
inputs. Conditional formatting is also used to show the switches opening and closing at
the input of the circuit

Keywords :

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   Program OS Support :

Win 7, WinXP, Vista

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