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Enterprise Asset Management System
File Name :  EAM-System-Training-DAY1-PPT-SAMPLE.pdf
Version :  1.1
File Size (MB) :  1.28 M
Company Name:  Business Industrial Network
Author Name :  Mike Sondalini
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   Title :

Enterprise Asset Management System

   Description :

Sample of powerpoint (in pdf format)from Enterprise Asset Management System Course.

   Details :

The Enterprise Asset Management System Training course is a little different than many
others. These 295 slides in 3 EAM System PowerPoints have a story line that hopefully will
entertain you as this Power Point teaches you. The author wanted to make training fun for
you to do, and for him to write. So he made the Power Point into a story of how Sam (he is
imaginary) learns about the Enterprise Asset Management System. The content of this
Enterprise Asset Management System training course is exactly what you would see if you
attended the actual 3-day Enterprise Asset Management System Training Course. Again, this
Enterprise Asset Management System Training Course is different from other companys
courses because it is tailored from 30 years of real-life experience as a tradesman,
professional engineer and Maintenance Manager. Sams story follows the content of the
EAM System Training Course. The first day introduces people to value stream, Weibull
reliability and other EAM concepts. It also covers defect analysis and measuring risk is
some detail. Day 2 dives into the implications while building on the EAM concepts
introduced in the first PowerPoint. Details of equipment life cycle relative to the
enterprise management system and change management are covered with two real case studies
(PowerTrans and DuPont Chemicals). Day 3 is about putting it all together to result in
what the author refers to as a successful plant wellness plan (EAM System). This is
followed by a section on how to justify use of best practices in an Enterprise Asset
Management System. Logically, the author end day 3 with greater detail on change
management. Throughout the course you will do activities from the accompanying Workbook
that provides the opportunity to learn and discuss numerous issues and perspectives to do
with a successful enterprise management system.

Keywords :

enterprise asset management system, eam system, change management, value stream, weibull
reliability, equipment life cycle, enterprise management system, equipment life
expectancy, equipment reliability, value stream analysis, defect analysis, measuring risk,
failure mode effects analysis, weibull, kpis, fmea, reliability standards

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Win98,WinME,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista

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