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File Name :  Maintenance-guide-sample.pdf
Version :  4.5
File Size (MB) :  14 M
Company Name:  Feed Forward Publications
Author Name :  Larry Bush
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Sample of The Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition. The full product has
240 pages of additional material plus 150 additional files, work order templates, pm
template spreadsheets and even 30 kaizen examples to use as your maintenance guide, giving
you the best maintenance strategies.

   Details :

the download is a sample of the full product described below... The Maintenance Policy
and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition ("How to Start Up and Run Your Maintenance Department"),
is larger than the first edition manual as far as the policies and procedures go, it is an
improved and more advanced version. Still designed and produced for the small to medium
business with limited or no maintenance policies in effect. All of these files and
programs are as generic as possible. You may alter them for your own use as long as you do
not commercialize them. Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition has
"strategies" and shows you: How to set up and run your maintenance department in
today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment. How to implement the
four objectives every maintenance department must aim for. How to manage the 13
functions of a maintenance department. How to start and run a complete maintenance work
order and call order system. How to make your Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
Plans work. ** The author now provides an additional download - 22 page Maintenance
Audit ! ** Also included are over 150 files: Work Order Templates, PM Template, Kaizen
Examples, etc.! This Manual is divided into two parts, the manual and the manual
appendix. The appendix contains expanded maintenance procedures, safety programs and
maintenance job descriptions to give you the best maintenance strategies. Additionally,
the author has created over 150 Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents
and PDFs to better help serve your maintenance department. With these work order
templates, pm templates and kaizen examples you can easily create an effective maintenance
unit or retool an existing maintenance department, without the high cost of other
management and training materials.

Keywords :

maintenance strategies, maintenance policies, maintenance guide, work order templates, pm
template, kaizen examples

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